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Hey, what’s up everyone it’s your friendly neighborhood TV here to interact with you. I wanted to make this blog to share my love of TV and entertainment as well as Twitter a community for others to share their opinions as well. I encourage all viewers to comment on the post with their opinions on the topic or the post itself. I enjoy reading your opinion on a topic even more than I enjoy writing my own.

I also encourage you guys to message me via the contact page, Facebook or twitter. It can just be a simple hello, it could be something you want me to check out like a TV show, a movie, or a blog. It can even be something going on in your life that you need to talk about. I am here to entertain and help my viewers in any way possible.

I have always been someone who wants to try to help people if at all possible. I would love to make a section of the blog Twitter about advice on life issues. So if you guys have something going on and want advice and wouldn’t mind me making a blog on the subject I would love to do that as well. Of course, I wouldn’t include any of your personal information in the blog. This is just another way to interact with you guys and as human beings, we all have similar problems so one person asking for advice could help a lot of other people too.

I am hoping to make this blog a success which means I could use a team down the road. I am all about supporting creativity, so with that being said if any of you want to write a blog that pertains to one of the topics I would be happy to check it out and potentially even post it on my site. This is a startup blog so of course, I can not provide any compensation for the blog post, but if you just want to write something for fun and share it with the world I would be happy to assist in that. Also if this does become successful in the future I will need a team which hopefully at that point I could compensate and I would look to bring people in who have a history of writing blogs with me.

Finally, I would love for you guys to be active with me. The easiest way to do this is through my social media accounts or by following my blog. All of my blog posts are linked on my facebook and twitter so you can always stay up to date with the latest post. So make sure to like the facebook page, follow me on twitter, and follow the blog as well.

Thank you, I hope to get to know everyone and interact with all of you. Until next time this is your friendly neighborhood tv junkie signing off.


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