Why Big Brother Canada is Better Than Big Brother US?

Hey what is up everyone? It is your friendly neighborhood TV Junkie here to explain to you why Big Brother Canada is better than Big Brother US. Check out the top five reason below that the Canadian version surpasses Big Brother US.

Big Brother Canada Production

Big Brother Canada House

The production value of Big Brother Canada is insane. The house gets redone each year into a specific theme. The Canadian house make over is ten times more extravagent than that of Big Brother US. The competitions also have way more design elements to them making them visiual appealing. There is also less reputation of similar games in Big Brother Canada as opposed to Big Brother US.

Big Brother Canada Cast

Big Brother Canada Cast
Big Brother Canada houseguests (CNW Group/SLICE)

I have been impressed with the Canadian cast every single season. They have always cast dynamic characters that don’t fit the normal character roles we see in Big Brother US. They also cast more players who are fans of the game which means we see a lot more strategic gameplay from a larger portion of the cast. Usually, in the US version we see one player or alliance controlling most of the game.

The Layout

The layout of the game is similar to that of Big Brother US. However they add fun segments such as task and secret missions which make for some really entertaining segments. They also have some wild twist. The biggest one is the Triple Evection which see’s three houseguest leave the house in just one night. It adds a whole other obstical for Big Brother houseguest to overcome in order to win.

The Host

I know you are already thinking who could be a better host this Julie Chen. As much as I love Julie Chen the Canadian host Arissa Cox is absolutely amazing. She is a huge fan of the show which adds another level of excitement when she is reading results or making announcements. Arissa has a way to make the houseguest and the game come to life in a whole new way.

The Fans

Finally Big Brother Canada loves to let it’s fans interact with the season. They get to pick items that go in the HOH room each week. They get to influence twist in the games at certain points. They are all about letting the fans enjoy the game and interact with it to a level that doesn’t interfer too much.


I have watched every season of Big Brother Canada and they have consistently been amazing. They have been better than many of the recent seasons of US Big Brother. I encourage all of you who haven’t seen Big Brother Canada to go to YouTube or search for episodes online and give it a try. If you have seen Big Brother Canada let me know if you agree with me or not. As always please comment below as I would love to interact with you all. Also to stay in touch with all of my blog post then sign up with your email, like my Facebook page, and follow my twitter. Also check out my other reality tv blogs.


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