The Challenge Season 33 Rumored Cast & Title

War of Worlds

War of Worlds is the rumored title for The Challenge Season 33. It is rumored that it will be a split cast of challenge veterans and rookies. The layout is rumored to be similar to fresh meat. The Challenge Vets will be paired up with a Rookie. Listed below are the rumored Vets and Rookies.

The Challenge Season 33 Vets

These are the challenge vets that are rumored to be on season 33. There is a good mixture of old challenge vets and new challenge vets. Also, there are just as many friends as there are enemies.

The Challenge Season 33 Rookies

These are the rumored rookies for The Challenge Season 33. I think these rookies will be able to give the champs a run for their money. It will be interesting to see what drama they bring to the house.

What Are Your Thoughts?

This is an interesting rumored cast list. We have some of our favorites on the Vets side and Rookies who I think will be able to hold their own against these Vets. I am curious to see a season with this many new cast members. I am sure there will be plenty of fights and hooks ups to keep us entertained. Let me know what you guys think about the rumored cast? Also, check out the leaked cast for US Celebrity Big Brother 2.

As always, send me any messages with questions that you have for me. I also am hoping to do advice posts in the future, if any of you are looking for advice with anything happening in your life. Until then this is your friendly neighborhood TV junkie signing off.


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