The Flash and The Furious Preview: Returns January 15th

Hey, what’s up everyone it’s your friendly neighborhood tv junkie back to give you the newest information on The Flash. Last time we saw the scarlet speedster he was switching roles with the green arrow. However, the Flash officially returns to our screens in his usual red suit and on his usual day with The Flash and The Furious. I have put the promo and trailer videos for the Flash and The Furious down below. I will do a brief character assessment for the season so far. So if you are still a few episodes behind then watch out because there will be spoilers posted below.

The Flash and the Furious Promo

The Flash and The Furious Extended Trailer

What To Expect When The Flash Returns

The mid-season finale left us with a lot of key plot points for the second half of the season. It sets up potential drama for our main characters. However, this season did a great job of setting up arcs for our supporting cast as well. I will break down all of these arcs below.

Caitlyn Snow

Killer Frost: The Flash and The Furious

To me one of the more interesting character arcs this season is Caitlyn Snow and her father. The show is diving into her Killer Frost origins while focusing on her relationship with her father. The major theme of The Flash is family so it is nice to see them tie in an arc for Caitlyn Snow that fits in with the premise of the show especially since I feel she was underused last season.

Cisco Ramon

Cisco Ramon: The Flash and The Furious

We then move on to Cisco Ramon who had an interesting character arc this season. We saw his relationship with Gypsy come to an end which was just as heartbreaking for us as it was for him. I mean really who wasn’t shipping them as endgame. Then Cisco had to fake his own death to get Cicada off his trail which was interesting. Finally, Cisco has lost his ability to vibe at least without hurting himself that is. This will likely be the focal point for him the second half of the season..

Ralph Dibny

Next is Ralph Dibny who has had a smaller role this season than last season. However, I am enjoying him a lot more this season. I believe the investigation angle helps integrate him more and make him stand out from the rest of the cast. The Flash is a superhero show but it is always best when it focuses on its characters other strengths and abilities.

The West-Allen Family

Finally, we have the West-Allen family. The overall arc for the season, in my opinion, has been a huge step up from the last season. It focuses on relationships, bonds, mistakes, and family. I think it brought “heart” back into the show. The biggest twist was in the mid-season finale when it was revealed that Nora was in some way working with Eobard Thawne. This is sure to be a focal point in the second half of the season.

I think they will really “up” the threat factor of Cicada when the show returns. I do think Team Flash will defeat Cicada before the season finale and it will be Eobard Thawne who is the real big bad at the end. It makes sense that he will be heavily involved in the next season as the Crisis on Infinite Earths has already been teased as the next cross over.

I have left of Sherloque Wells, Cecille Horton, and Joe West from my character breakdown. These characters have been side-characters for the main plot this season. I am interested to see if Wells can figure out what Nora has been up to, and who he goes to first with the information. I believe Cecille Horton has brought some comic relief and a lighter tone to parts of the season. Then, of course, Joe West has been out as Jesse L. Martin has been recovering from an injury so I hope we see him back on the screen soon.

The Conclusion

This concludes my analysis on the first half of the season. I am excited to see if they finish the season just as strong as the started it. As always let me know what you guys think of the show so far, and what you are excited to see in the future. Also, I am curious who is the show’s MVP so comment below who your favorite character this season has been.

As always, send me any messages with questions that you have for me. I also am hoping to do advice posts in the future, if any of you are looking for advice with anything happening in your life. Until then this is your friendly neighborhood TV junkie signing off.

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