Can All Elite Wrestling Compete with the WWE?

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It’s your friendly neighborhood TV Junkie here to lay the smackdown on the latest wrestling news. What a time it is to be a wrestling fan. Well if you ignore the decline in WWE’s product and entertainment value. I am talking more about the announcement that shook the world, the creation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Here I am going to analyze the company and their shot at competing with the WWE Empire.

What Is All Elite Wrestling?

All Elite Wrestling is a new wrestling promotion that was announced on January 1st, 2019. The company is backed by Shahid Kahn who made his son, Tony Kahn, the President of the company. Tony Kahn has been a huge wrestling fan his whole life. The Kahn’s also own the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. AEW was formed by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. They made a huge splash in the wrestling world when their event “All In” sold out. They share the responsibility as Executive Vice President, along with Brandi Rhodes who is the Chief Branding Officer.

Building a Roster

AEW has the financial backing and some talented and sharp minds leading the charge. However, they will still need a credible roster in order to go toe to toe with WWE. I don’t think AEW will have a hard time building their roster with talented wrestlers. I believe AEW will have a hard time building a roster with enough mainstream star power. WCW started to compete in the Monday Night Wars by stealing some of WWE’s top talent.

AEW will need to do something similar in order to compete as well as building stars of their own. They got off to a great start by signing Chris Jericho and Pac. There have been rumors that they might be trying to sign Goldberg as well, which would be a huge draw. If they can manage to get some big names then they are one step closer to competing with WWE. In my mind stars like Dolph Ziggler, Tye Dillinger, Bray Wyatt, Shelton Benjamin, and John Morrison would be great additions to AEW.

Getting a TV Deal

What is more important than a roster with star power? A TV deal is this biggest piece of the puzzle. They need to be able to broadcast on a well-known outlet in order to generate a large enough fan base. Kahn is said to have a good working relationship with several broadcasting networks so hopefully, that will be enough to get them a spot. I personally would suggest them looking into the streaming platforms as well as it will allow them to generate a large fan base.

Producing All Elite Wrestling

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This is the one place where I think AEW will have no trouble succeeding. The show needs to appeal to the fans that the current WWE product doesn’t appeal to. These are the people who miss the attitude era and realness and edge of pre-pg WWE. I think AEW will be able to do this effortlessly and they have the budget to produce a visually dynamic show. This could be one of the biggest reasons why some people stop tuning into WWE and start tuning into AEW.

Competing with WWE

Realistically AEW will not be able to compete directly with WWE in the immediate future. It will take time for them to build their stars, build their fan base, and prove that they are revolutionizing the wrestling industry. However, if they are able to meet the already high expectations fans have for them then their future does look bright. They may not be ready to step in the ring with WWE just yet, but I do believe this is the most promising promotion we have seen since WCW.

What Do You Think

What are your opinions on All Elite Wrestling? Do you think AEW can compete with WWE? Who do you want to see join the AEW roster? Finally, will you be tuning in to watch AEW?

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